My Record of Street Comments

So I can remember why I keep my guard up when crossing scum loitering on the street corners.



"Hey lovely"



"Are you from Japan?"…"Then, are you Japan’s close cousin, Korea?"

"Can you give me a ride to Noma bus stop?"

"Are you Christian?"…"Are you Buddha?"

"Don’t you want to make friends?"…"Do you want to be my friend?"

"Are you from Japan?  Korea?  China?"

"Dem legs"

"How you doin?"

"You gorgeous sweetheart"

*drives by laughing*


"*something something* until I steal that bike*

"…I’m disabled…"


"Shout out, bitch"

"You’re pretty"


"Bet you taste like fried rice…fried rice!"

"I have enough friends, I don’t need anymore"

That quote is from a former friend who has little, if any, life experience.  No real job, no internship, no anything other than being a student, spoken with her awkward head bobbing.  I remember laughing silently when she said this.  How silly.  I remember everyone else in the room remained silent as well, not sure whether they should point out the ignorance in her statement.  You will learn in good time child, oh you will learn…


In the real world, not everyone you think that likes you act like they do.  If you’re blind you will end up taking everything at face value and probably wonder why people you consider “friends” didn’t come to your aid when you needed them or stepped over you when they had the chance.

I find the business world is a lot like this.  And since every industry involves business to some degree this applies everywhere.  Everything starts with standard hi’s and how are you’s regardless of view of that person.  I find is a bit daunting.  It’s like a unspoken ritual.  Smiles are put on and any negativity is bottled to be released once you’re out of sight.  Not to say greetings aren’t genuine but it gets repetitive quickly.  Good thing I’m good at acting.  I use this against people I didn’t like at school and I’m pretty sure some still have no idea that I disliked them.  I suppose it’s better this way.  But if we ever cross professional paths or if they dare ask for a referral to boost their chances of landing a job…well, tough luck buddy.  I’m just gonna laugh.  This bridge has a keep out sign just for you.

I had (and still have) the opportunity, at my discretion, to refer anyone to my internship place in New Jersey where I pitched executive management a business development idea and aided in developing a whole new e-commerce sector of their business.  It’s not bragging.  My current supervisor called to hire me immediately after getting off the phone with my previous supervisor for a reference.  Needless to say the next intern(s) had big shoes to fill.  

I did have a friend during the school year who started expressing interest in pursuing marketing and PR.  I refrained from mentioning the offer as he tends to change his mind a lot…and tends to have poor time management stills and verbal control under stress he causes for himself i.e. constant complaining.  Referring someone to my former bosses is also reflects my judgement and myself.  If the referral does well their impression of me is increased.  If the referral does poorly I will become a part of the blame for wasting their time.  And time is a valuable thing in the world of business.

Nonetheless, I’m more than happy to help my friends get their foot in the door.  Whether they’re looking for an internship or advice.  I’m sure they know where they stand with me in asking for favors.  I have a post documenting the impression you’ve made.

Though in undergrad college, I find people much too immature to think about things other than the next weekend to get drunk.  I didn’t understand why people would brush off car problems, computer battery problems, or time management problems when I would point out the reason lied within their habits.  But I think I’ve figured it out…either they are immature for their age or I am mature beyond my years.  The new friends I’ve made here in DC are years older than me have constantly told me I am the latter.  And I believe them.  It explains the frustrations I had with people in the school clubs I was involved in.

The 23 Struggles Of Wanting A Cat But Knowing You're Too Allergic

Even though I’ve only been working for a bit over a month I feel like its been much longer.  I suppose only in time will you kids who have time to be reading this during the day will grow up and catch up.  This is life, where we all end up, and I’ll see where it takes me.

"My heart is like an open highway.  Like Frankie said I did it my way.  I just wanna live while I’m alive.  It’s my life" - Bon Jovi

DC Fun! *updated as I go :D*

Company softball


Real world cooking excursions




Jazz in the Garden


Google Search fun


The Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception


National Aboretum - Summer









Busboys and Poets - A Reading Is Sexy Experience

imagePotluck for Sammy!


Patapsco Valley State Park



U St Music Hall - Kill Paris


National Building Museum - canned food…art exhibit?

imageA beautiful afternoon Labor Day bike ride with a friend.


Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves

imageGeorgetown Waterfront Bike Ride with a certain someone

Company sponsored congragulatory breakfast

"For U.S. Citizen only!"

I got an email today from some company and it was hilarious.  They were looking for someone to fill some managerial position and this was their email:



For U.S. Citizen only!

I am HR specialist of company Aldi Quality Control. I found your resume through recruitment agency.

We are in search for a quality assurance manager in our company. 
You will be receiving household and kitchen appliances that you will need to test and write a brief inspection reviews about in accordance with our instructions..

string]Role|Name[/string]: Quality Control Inspector
Employment: Part-time 

* Familiar with Adobe Acrobat Reader and Microsoft Office
* Computer skills
* Access to printer and scanner
* Previous experience in working with household and kitchen appliances.
* Set your own hours and work pace 
* Steady long-term income.

This is a full-time work, you are to stay at home during the working hours. The pay is about $1500 per month for this position.

If you are interested in this position, please inform me about that in your reply – I will send you the detailed information.

Please do not contact unless you are 21 years old. 
Please do not contact if you are not a USA Lawful Permanent Resident.

P.S. We are in search for a goods quality inspector in the nearest time, so I ask you to reply to me within the next 24 hours after you got this email, otherwise I will have to consider the other candidatures.


I am so sick of spam companies looking to take advantage of people who are unemployed and actively looking for a position.  I wrote about my experience with spam marketing companies in NYC in an earlier post and am glad I was able to learn a very valuable life lesson.  I am content with the job I have now and am happy where I am in life.

Naturally, this was my response:

Hi “Steven”,
First off, why is this job posting discriminatory towards those who are not exactly US citizens but perhaps a permanent resident?
Secondly, which recruitment agency do you speak of?
Third, what position is: string]Role|Name[/string]: Quality Control Inspector?
​​Fourth, is this part-time or full-time?  You state part-time then contradict yourself in your next sentence.
Fifth, why must a candidate be 21 and over?
Sixth, this is the most disjointed email from a company and is written in poor English.
ps. A reputable company does not try to rush through a recruitment process in a few days and disregard a potential employee’s issue of relocating, leaving their current job, etc.
Now, how can you say you aren’t a scam?